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We are sorry to hear that your pet is missing - we understand what a worrying time this will be.

Fortunately, there are lots of practical steps you can take, and so we've listed some tips below:

  • If your pet is microchipped, contact your chip company to register your pet as missing.
  • It's obvious, but do check thoroughly inside the house if your pet has been frightened and is now hiding - under beds, in wardrobes etc
  • Check your garage, shed or greenhouse, and ask your neighbours to do the same.
  • search the immediate neighbourhood on foot and put up and post flyers with a photograph and contact details. Take some treats or a favourite toy as the sight or scent may encourage a pet in hiding to come out
  • Ask your postman, window cleaner, milkman and neighbours to keep an eye out around the neighbourhood
  • Call your vet, the local animal warden and any animal welfare centres to leave a description and contact details
  • Use social media to spread the word, both on your page and those of local veterinary practices
  • Put up 'missing pet' posters in local shops, businesses and community buildings.
  • contact your local radio station and ask them to broadcast a message or place a classified ad with the local newspaper
  • Visit lost and found pet websites and register with as many as possible.

We hope you are soon reunited with your pet. When you are, please don't forget to inform everyone to update their missing pet file.

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