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About Sandhole Vets - The Spirit of Sandhole

Welcome to Sandhole Veterinary Centre and thank you for choosing our practice. We're proud that many clients become friends - we work together to provide the very best care for every pet through a partnership based on trust and respect. Our approach is open and honest, and we aim to give you all the advice, time and options you need to make the right decisions for you and your pet.

Not every vet, or every practice, is the same. Each of us genuinely loves meeting clients, helping you keep your pet in the best of health, working together with you to provide the best care for your pet. 

We believe in making every aspect of our practice work for you, your pet and the Sandhole community. We pay attention to the little things, and they add up to a big Sandhole difference. You can read more below.

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At Sandhole Veterinary Centre, we have four core principles:


You'll find real examples of each of these in action below. They run through the heart of our practice - every member of the team applies these four principles every day, with every client and every pet.


  • We take time to make sure we do the very best for you and your pet
  • All our appointments are longer than average, but if you need some more time, just ask
  • When you have questions or concerns, we'll never dismiss you with a rushed response
  • If you ever want to look around or visit your pet whilst they are with us, come in - no appointment or notice is needed.

"If you need more time - just ask."


  • Our wonderful team have all the qualifications and experience you'd expect to give your pet the very best care - our nurses are all registered and fully qualified, and our vets have a whole host of additional certificates and special interests
  • We regularly refresh our knowledge and skills to ensure that we are up to date with all the latest developments, but we know that sometimes some good old-fashioned TLC is just as effective!
  • We treat rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians and exotic pets as equals alongside cats and dogs, and we're proud to hold the RWAF Rabbit Friendly Vets award as well as the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation.

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"But most importantly of all, we care."

We are passionate about delivering best quality health care. It's not just words - every aspect of our service, down to the last detail, is designed to put your pets health and welfare first:

  • We never, ever lift an animal by the scruff of its neck
  • Adequate pain relief is given as standard for every surgical procedure and topped up as required
  • If your pet is stressed, we will give him or her time to calm down, re-booking appointments where necessary
  • Our practice is fitted with Pet Remedy pheromone diffusion systems to help timid patients feel more relaxed
  • Canine inpatients are walked and toileted outside several times a day in our grassed garden
  • Separate wards for dogs ensure that all that canine excitement won't stress your cat, rabbit or exotic pet!
  • When we place microchips, we give your pet food to distract them from the needle
  • We offer small, tasty meals to visiting pets tailored to their nutritional requirements
  • Cuddles and chin rubs are in endless supply!


  • We always treat your pet as the individual that he or she is - we'll discuss options with you and make specific recommendations based on your pet's personality, lifestyle and medical history

  • We promise that we will detail costs in advance where possible and keep you notified of any changes. You can trust that we will never prescribe or prolong unnecessary treatment.

  • When the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved pet, we have a dedicated private, peaceful room where you can take as long as you need. We also have an on-site crematorium so your beloved pet won't leave the premises and will be given individual attention and treated with dignity.

"We treat you and your pet as the individuals you are."

And that's the Sandhole difference. We hope that you see, hear and feel it for yourselves in every aspect of our service, and we thank you for trusting Sandhole Veterinary Centre to share the joys and privilege of caring for your pet with you.


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