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Sandhole Vets earns a top accolade in recognition of its first-class care for pets.

We have received a prestigious silver award from the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF). 

Lucy Robson, exotics vet and rabbit advocate at Sandhole, in Snodland, said: “The RWAF is a highly respected, nationwide organisation dedicated to the welfare of pet rabbits, so this is an important recognition from them.

“We’ve always strived to be a rabbit-friendly practice but working with the RWAF and following their expert guidelines helped us make even more improvements to take our care and treatment up to a different level.

“The prestigious accolade means that rabbit owners in Snodland can rest assured that their pets will receive the very best treatment and they will receive the utmost advice for looking after them. 

“Sandhole is available for regular veterinary consultations, including vaccinations and annual health checks. Additionally, our rabbit friendly nurse clinics will be able to educate and advise owners on best practices for their pets.” 

To achieve the coveted rabbit friendly status, Sandhole had to meet certain silver level criteria for provisions such as outdoor space, waiting area and kennelling, providing familiar items and dental examinations.  

Lucy added: “We’ve truly done as much as we can to make Sandhole as rabbit friendly as possible. As well as physical implementations, we’ve also followed the RWAF advice on rabbit friendly handling and restraint and how best to hospitalise and accommodate them.”

RWAF is a national charity and not for profit organisation whose motto is ‘creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits’. For more information, visit

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