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What is keyhole surgery? 

Sandhole Veterinary Centre is pleased to be able to offer clients the option of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery for routine bitch spays, cat spays and other procedures where appropriate. Sandhole is one of the only practices in Kent able to offer keyhole spays to cats and dogs under 10kgs, as well as larger breeds of dogs.

Keyhole spay involves the introduction of a camera and specialised instruments into the abdomen through two or three small incisions. Many of the traditional surgical procedures such as spaying can be now performed laparoscopically. Traditional surgery involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus (ovariohysterectomy) but laparoscopically generally only the ovaries are removed (ovariectomy).

The tissues are visualised under high magnification and blood vessels are cut and sealed using specialist equipment. 

It is well established in human surgery that laparoscopic procedures provide quicker healing time and less post-operative complications than other methods. This is proven also in modern veterinary medicine. 

Benefits of keyhole surgery

The benefits of laparoscopy for our pets are similar and aim for a faster and more comfortable return to normal activity. One typical example is the young, very active bitch that is not likely to accept easily periods of complete rest from exercise post neutering. 

After keyhole surgery, dogs will still need to be kept on the lead but the risk of damaging the surgical wounds (because of the small size) is greatly decreased. Please be aware that we do need to shave a little more fur than with a traditional procedure and keyhole surgery is a little more expensive due to the cost of the equipment required and the expertise. 

Other procedures such as cryptorchid castration (retained testicle), gastropexy, cystoscopy (bladder examination) and organ biopsies can be performed in this way with increased level of safety for unwell patients and reduced discomfort. 

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