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Showing your pet that you love and care for them doesn’t have to be complicated. We have pulled together some simple ideas of ways to show your pet that you love them.

Keep active together 

Exercise not only benefits your physical and mental wellbeing but your pets too. Spend quality time together by taking your dog on long walks, varying the route each day.

You could combine your dog walk with a run. Couch to 5k is a great initiative, and introduces exercise into your life and keeps your pet fit and active by introducing interval training. Whilst out on walks, you could also encourage catch and fetch games to keep your pet engaged and active.

At home you could build a mini obstacle, or agility course using household items such as large boxes, laundry baskets, cones and cushions. You should incorporate chase toys into your cat’s routine to keep them active.  

Teach them new skills 

To keep your pet’s mind active teach them new skills. Not only will these break up the day, tricks keep their mind sharp too. 

Show physical affection 

Throughout the day ensure you include lots of belly rubs, ear scratching and strokes.  

For cats, stroke them from the top of their heads down to the tail and encourage them to sit on your lap whilst you stoke them.


We all love being pampered as it makes us feel good. Take time to groom your pet and make a fuss over them. This time is great for reinforcing the bond between the two of you. Also, use this time to check for any issues or injuries. 

Could you treat them? 

Reinforce positive behaviour with a healthy treat. If your pet has learnt a new trick, reward them but take note to ensure this comes from their daily food allowance. 

Are any of their toys looking used or worn? If so, invest in some new toys to stimulate your pet and ensure you rotate toys to keep your pet engaged. 

There are many ways to show your pet that you love them. By simply ensuring you do the above, your pet will thrive from the love and attention that they receive.