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Microchipping is a permanent ID system, which involves a chip, no bigger than a grain of rice being implanted under the skin of your pet’s scruff.

Every microchip has a unique number that can be read by a portable scanner, which most vets, local authorities, and rescue homes, including Sandhole Veterinary Centre, have access to, which means your contact details can be easily obtained from the central microchipping database. Once your rabbit has been scanned and identified by its microchip, a phone call can reunite you with your pet.

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Microchipping at Sandhole Vets

Rabbit microchipping comes highly recommended by Sandhole Vets, as it allows for your pet to be returned to you should they go missing. Especially with rabbits, as most of the time, they stay outside. If they get out of their hutch and get lost, rabbit microchipping allows for their address and phone number to be seen so they can be reunited with you.

Microchipping Procedure

The implantation of the microchip is a reasonably quick process that may be done during a consultation and does not require sedation. Additionally, we always check to see whether your rabbit already has a microchip before inserting a new one and can check this with our scanner.

The Sandhole Vet team will ask you to fill out a registration form at the time of the microchipping process, and your information will then be added to a national database. Additionally, it is crucial to update any changes to your contact information as soon as possible because the database will save these records for the duration of your cat's life (the fee for this is included in the cost of the implantation.)

At Sandhole Vets, all our microchips comply with the International Standard (ISO) and can be recognised by scanners worldwide when used in the Pet Passport scheme.

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