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Vets Services in Tonbridge

Sandhole Veterinary Practice follows the practice of preventative health care treatment for your pets. We recommend treating your pets to avoid illness and development of certain conditions in the future. This way your pets can remain happy and comfortable with a great quality of life and they have a better chance at avoiding disease and discomfort.

As Vets in Tonbridge, we cover many preventative treatments for cats, dogs, rabbits and more. We have Pet Health For Life Plans which are packages that cover some of the following services and aim to support pet owners with payments, and offering their pets the best healthcare possible. 

At Sandhole, we are proud to provide a calm stress-free experience for your pets’ visits. With separate dog and cat waiting areas, facilities that cater to certain species and a caring atmosphere because we really love all pets! Vets in Tonbridge can also refer you to specialists locally, should your pets need specialist treatment.

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Why Choose Us for Your Vets in Tonbridge?

Passionate Pet Lovers- Our experienced and compassionate team is dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care for your furry companion. We understand that your pet is a cherished member of your family, and we'll treat them with the same love and respect that you do.

Convenience- We are a local, friendly practice which means visiting us is simple and convenient. No need to travel long distances with your pets in the car. Visit Sandhole near Tonbridge.

Supportive- Sandhole’s team is dedicated to supporting all pet owners with advice, treatment and consultations to provide peace of mind. Need a last-minute appointment? We will try our best to work flexibly with you on appointments and we even offer home visits! We’ll also recommend pet plans or referrals for your pet’s special needs.



Care Tips For Your Pets

We have pet care advice pages here or you can view our blogs for more educational reads.

Veterinarian Visits: Schedule regular checkups, typically once or twice a year, to monitor your pet's health and prevent problems. Vaccinations are crucial to shield them from diseases.

Nutrition: Provide a balanced diet suited to your pet's age, breed, and activity level. Consult your vet for recommendations on food brands and portion sizes.

Preventative Care: Address parasites like fleas and ticks with regular medication. Keep up with deworming as needed.

Exercise: Daily walks, playtime, or species-specific activities are essential for your pet's physical and mental health. Consider their breed and energy level when determining the amount of exercise required.

Mental Stimulation: Provide toys, puzzles, or training exercises to keep your pet mentally engaged. This helps prevent boredom and destructive behaviour.

Safe Environment: Pet-proof your home to remove hazards like electrical cords or toxic plants. Create a comfortable space for them to relax and feel secure. Making sure garden borders and gates are secured is essential for keeping an eye on your pets.

Identification: Ensure your pet has a collar with ID tags and consider microchipping them for permanent identification in case they get lost.



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